Rent equipment for all your short term welding needs!

We offer a wide selection of welding equipment rentals from major brands at affordable rates. We can deliver to your job site, or convenient pick up at our Malden Ma facility.

Equipment Rental Policy:

  1. Terms of Rental: 1 Day = 8 hours, 1 Week = 7 days or 40 hours, 1 Month = 30 days or 160 hours
  2. Rental rate: All rental rates are based on a minimum of 1 day with weekly and monthly rental rates offered. All rentals will be billed at the end of the rental term or monthly, whichever comes first.
  3. Deposit: If requested the lessee will leave a deposit for 50% of the value of the equipment. In addition cash accounts will be required to pre-pay the estimated rental charge.
  4. Title of the Equipment: All equipment remains the property of Arco Welding Supply.
  5. Re-Renting of Equipment: Lessee is prohibited from re-renting Arco equipment to a third party.
  6. Pick-up and Delivery: Equipment can be picked-up in Malden or we can deliver to the location. Delivery charge will apply.
  7. Location of Equipment: Lessee must supply the location where the rental equipment will be working.  The equipment must remain in Massachusetts unless other arraingments are made.   
  8. Operation of Equipment: The lessee must provide experienced operators at their expense.
  9. Servicing Equipment: Arco Welding Supply must have the right to enter the job site to inspect or service equipment on rental. Arco also reserves the right to service or exchange the equipment in the field.
  10. Damage or Misuse: The Lessee will be charged for parts and labor if returned items have other than normal wear and tear. A charge may be assessed for rental units requiring cleaning.
  11. Stolen Equipment: The Lessee is responsible for all equipment rented from the time of delivery until returned. After a police report is filled, rental will cease, and the Lessee will be billed for equipment at replacement value.
  12. Termination of Agreement: If the Lessee fails to live up to this agreement, Arco Welding Supply can without notice terminate the agreement and repossess equipment. Default of payment authorizes repossession. The Lessee is responsible for all cost associated with the recovery of our equipment.
  13. Fuel: All engine drives will be shipped with a minimum of 2 gallons of fuel and the Lessee will return the machine with a minimum of 2 gallons.

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