TIG Welding

what is TIG welding?

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) is a gas-tungsten arc welding process that uses an inert gas to protect the weld zone from air-borne contaminants, producing a clean, precise weld on any metal and is capable of welding more metals than any other process.

Do you know whether TIG welding is the appropriate process for your application? And if so, do you have the most suitable welding torch and TIG welding supplies for the job?

If you're a professional welder, then consider ARCO Welding Supply your TIG welding supply resource. We carry an extensive inventory of TIG welding supplies in our warehouses; and our experienced and skilled in-house technical staff can answer any questions you may have regarding your next welding project.

ARCO offers a wide selection of Tig welding equipment and supplies best suited for your application from the industries' leading manufacturers.

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Key TIG welding equipment and supply manufacturers we represent include:

Miller Electric

Offers the latest technology in powerful, advanced, easy-to-use inverter based AC/DC machines. Depending on the size of your job and weld application, Miller carries a wide selection of Tig welding products that match your job requirements, such as their, Diversion, Dynasty, Syncrowave or Maxstar series of welders.

Lincoln Electric

Offers a comprehensive list of supplies and TIG welding equipment that will provide consistent and reliable performance, particularly with their Precision TIG series given its easy to use controls that helps produce a stable arc, delivering high quality welds.


Offers its core line of TIG welding torches from their WP Series, which has the variety and flexibility needed for most any welding job, from the most intricate to the most demanding. Depending on shielding gas coverage, the TIG torches are available in hand-held air cooled, hand-held water cooled, machine-held and hand-held specialty.

CK Worldwide

Offers a series of innovative TIG torches depending upon application need. Choose from among its Master™, Standard, Machine, Trim-Line™, Flex-Loc™, and Airco series. Also offer welding accessories such as consumables, amperage controls, and gauges.

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With ARCO Welding Supply

As part of the Weldmark® Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (“IWDC”), ARCO Welding customers are guaranteed access to a wide variety of competitively priced Tig welding supplies from welding machines and protective clothing to high end TIG torches.
We also carry TIG welding supplies from the following leading manufacturers:

  • Diamond Ground Products
  • U.S. Alloy Co. filler metal
  • Tillman® safety clothing
  • United Abrasives

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Whether you're a new or experienced welder when its time to purchase a new TIG machine or supplies, we can help!

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